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Important Notice

Posted on Monday September 14, 2015


This morning someone with bad intentions got access to graham's computer wich gave him full access to our servers and other data.
As soon as I woke up I was made aware of this and started estimating the damage.
Over the past few months we have made huge efforts to increase our security but we didn't prepare ourselfs for a hack from an administrators computer.
Unfortunately this led to this moment. Graham is from effective immediately no longer a part of arteropk.
I am terribly sorry for the damage this has caused to all arteropk players. But I will try my very best to make it up to you guys. Starting from tomorrow we will put the server back online with Grand exchange and achievements enabled.
You will only be able to login from the previous location (even for dynamic ips) you were in and will be forced to change passwords.

This week there will be major events and it will be raining rewards.
Also we will set up a dedicated team to recover all remaining accounts (people that didn't have access to the previous location).
1-2 weeks we will be releasing construction and hope this will give you guys an incentive to play again. (i'll post pictures on the forums later today)
Coming weeks: We will be working on clan wars and other minigames.

Like I said i'm terribly sorry for the events of today and I take full responsability for it. Our servers were secure but unfortunately our co-owner's wasn't. I hope you guys will stick with us in this dark time.
We do learn from these mistakes and will bring the server to a higher level.
I will be working closely together with Ferry, Glis and the entire Artero Staff to make sure the server will run better than ever before. Yours Sincerely,
Owner ArteroPk

EDIT: Items will NOT be lost (altough a small rollback is possible).

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Tweaks 15/09/2015 & Bounty Hunter update

Posted on Monday September 14, 2015


- Spec bar now sends properly after killing someone in PvP as a donator+.
- Bounty hunter got a decently big overhaul, mainly focussed on bugfixing (more about this later).
- Rewrote a bunch of strings.
- Fixed a small cooking glitch where you could cook multiple times.
- Made it so you cannot follow/trade anymore while in the tutorial.
- Donations & votes now get given automatically. We also improved the donation system ingame.

Bounty hunter
I received a lot of feedback from my brother on Bounty Hunter, as he does a lot of it and finds a lot of bugs most of the time.
- Bounty Hunter now remembers your previous target, so you stop getting the same target over and over.
- Bounty Hunter no longer infinitely loops if it cannot find a target, it'll just tell you and wait for the next reset.
- The event is now 5 minutes long.
- The counter on the top now shows the reset timer correctly, not as confusing as it used to be.
- If you logout in Bounty Hunter, the server will remember this. There is a reset every 20 minutes. You can log out 2 times in Bounty Hunter till the server will disable Bounty Hunter for you till the next reset. This is to prevent people from relogging to get a easier target. (Time & amount can easily be tweaked depending on feedback)
- If your target is not in the wilderness anymore, it will properly reset after 2 minutes. Without waiting for the 5 minute reset.
- If the reset happens while you are fighting YOUR TARGET it will not reset for you.
- It now hints you towards your target every minute.


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